In Development

My First Race – Documentary Series

Running a marathon is one of this things that everyone gets excited about, even if they will never run one. This is the story of five people from all over world, out of the thousands who run the New York City Marathon every year, who will be running the race for the first time.
They will go through their training, as they hit their limits and run smaller races on their way, and in some cases fear the possibility of ever getting there.

The show will also introduce the community effort of all the runners across the world who are running races every weekend, and those who want to run their next marathon.

Garbage, all around us – Documentary

This documentary piece in development, is looking to uncover the solution to clean the oceans from the trash that is already there, and find ways to not sink any more trash in it. Through interviews with experts in trash, oceans, policy and urban planning, as well as regular people who live from the sea, we will set up the current scenario and the possible solutions. We will show the places in the oceans, rivers and lakes where most of the trash gets stuck and why, and the places that have found a way to coexist with their environment.

The Antidote – Online and TV

As a metaphor to the day to day going about life, but without a full perspective of what is going on, The Antidote tells a story about reaching your highest potential and gaining access to a wider perspective. It can be the difference between saving or destroying a civilization.

A cross-platform experience that dives into a post-United States era, in the year 2230, 15 years after a 23 year-long world wide conflict known as “The Great War”, which broke up the Nation into The Western Kingdom, The Eastern States, The Inland Alliance, and The Republic of Texas. A young female assassin, Chloe, turns 17 and graduates from the militia academy. She will work for her father, the Commander of the New England Separatist Movement. Their next move is to take over the City of New York, and establish The New England Union. The story is told through exclusive interactive and passive content for the web, mobile and social platforms.

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